The best Italian coffees,
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About Us

The "short story":
Our purpose at Caffè del Bar is to help coffee lovers discover and enjoy the best coffees that Italy has to offer.
We believe that, among the worldwide explosion of "new wave“ roasters, Italy’s best coffees are underappreciated even though they produce some most exquisite and sophisticated coffees in the world.
Selecting the best Italian coffees however can be a daunting task in a country with over 700 roasters. Our starting point was the best Italian cafés or bars, as recognized by experts. That’s where we believe the best Italian coffees are to be found.
We’re personally visiting these cafés and bars, identifying the roasters who supply their coffee and bringing you the best coffees that those roasters have to offer.
Caffè del Bar: The best Italian coffees from the best Italian bars.
Your Caffè del Bar team.
The "long story":
An Italian style coffee is now an established global habit, however best quality Italian espresso is often not accessible by coffee lovers outside Italy. Our mission is to bring the coffee that still makes Italian espresso great, and a slice of true Italian lifestyle, into homes and cafés outside the "bel paese“.
In the last 15-20 years a new wave of coffee roasters and cafés have introduced exquisite beans, fresh roasts and sophisticated brewing methods, in places like US, Nothern Europe and Australia. They have created a new appreciation for coffee origin or "terroir“, for bean quality and for different brewing methods, which in turn created a worldwide new breed of coffee connoisseurs.
We at Caffè del Bar believe that Italy’s best roasters, many of whom have been honing their product for generations, are masters of their profession. We believe that an Italian espresso prepared with the best Italian beans can compete with the best new wave coffees. We believe that Italy’s best espressos are ready for rediscovery.
However, Italy has a large number of coffee roasters – over 700 on our last count. How can one distinguish and obtain the best Italian coffees?
Our answer is to find the best Italian coffees one needs to follow the best Italian bars and cafés. The reputation of an Italian bar or "caffetteria“, and its very livelihood, are built on the quality of its coffee. Italian cafés have done the work for all of us in finding the best coffee roasters. They have been experimenting with different Italian roasters, and dedicated time and passion to extracting the best espresso. When they commit to a coffee brand, it must be great.
Fortunately for us, the Italian coffee culture is so sophisticated that a class of experts exists who establish and in many ways control quality standards in Italy’s coffee. There are bodies such as for instance the Coffee Tasters’ Association (IIAC), and the Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano (INEI) who test and recognize the best coffees. There are specialist guides such as the "Gambero Rosso bar d’Italia“ who rigorously score the coffee quality in bars and cafés every year.
The Caffè del Bar team visits the bars, café and restaurants that have the highest scores for their coffee and offers its clients the coffee brands used there. In addition we’re looking at the intrinsic "credentials“ of each of those coffee roasters serving those bars and strive to bring you those who demonstrate significant craftsmanship, recognition, and certification. That’s how our selection, in the most objective way available today, represents the best Italian coffees from the best Italian bars and cafés.
We feel that there is still something magical about enjoying your espresso in an Italian café. It is our belief that, with its lifestyle and coffee culture, Italy is still the place where having a good coffee doesn’t just bring taste satisfaction – it brings happiness. We’d love to share this with you.
Who is Caffè del Bar for?
We’re here for the coffee enthusisasts, gourmets and connoisseurs in a never-ending search for the best coffees the world has to offer. We’re here for those who love Italy and who sometimes daydream about it after their holidays – for whom the taste of a true Italian espresso is a reminder of Italy’s landscapes. We’re here for the baristas and café owners outside Italy who take pride in re-creating authentic islands of „Italienità“ and who pride themselves for offering the best quality Italian espresso. Finally we’re equally here for anyone, from small offices to large companies that prefer to offer a little extra joy by selecting a gourmet Italian coffee for their machines.
We’re always happy to hear from you so please do get in touch.
Your Caffé del Bar team